Arguendo, a small but mighty law firm

a small but mighty law firm

Arguendo protects companies from legal risks so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters: their business.

We combine thorough legal knowledge with a fresh mindset and pragmatic approach, using modern project management tools which in today’s world is the only way to assist your company.

The expertise and capacity of our entire team are always at your disposal. The lines of communication with our office are short and you always have a designated contact person.

Arguendo likes to work with your company on a structural basis. It makes us familiar with your company, your business and your people which enables us to tailor our services to your needs.

We like to be part of your team, if need be in-house. Client secondments, both temporary and permanent, are possible.

Arguendo offers modern rate structures such as alternative fee arrangements. Traditional methods of pricing remain possible, as long as things are transparent for the client. Unpleasant surprises regarding invoicing are out of the question.

What’s in a name?

Corda Campus

It should not surprise that we opted for the Corda Campus in Hasselt as our office location. Corda Campus is the business community for innovative companies and start-ups that work on the products and services of tomorrow.

A whole generation of young entrepreneurs is building the future with knowledge of the latest technology and modern economy. They take full advantage of the possibilities of of the campus and are not afraid to try what no one else has tried before.

Arguendo feels right at home among these entrepreneurs and is happy to help them write their success story.